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Catherine Jenkins

Catherine grew up in London with a passion for dance and a love of nature. Both were integral to her life; she taught dance and studied Zoology before going on to work in primary education.

In 2018, Catherine volunteered at Cambridge's Museum of Zoology and discovered the plight of the Pangolin. She felt compelled to help raise the profile of this endangered animal and, consequently, the idea for this book was born.

Shortly after completing the manuscript, Catherine died of cancer. Fortunately she had outlined her vision to the illustrator, Jayne, who realised it so beautifully. Catherine would be thrilled with how the sensitive illustrations relay her story.


  • Lin Lin Pangolin


    When Lin Lin Pangolin goes exploring with her mother they have quite an adventure. The Emerald Forest is a beautiful and exciting place but it can also be dangerous for a pangolin. Join them as they spend a day in the forest...

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