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Cass Stoddart

I was born in Exeter in 1972. My love of writing only started a few years ago. I was first inspired by a book of poetry and short stories by Dylan Thomas, his detailed descriptive writing has been a great source of inspiration.

The Spiky and Spiny Night Time Adventures of Nikky and Flick is the first, in a series of children's stories I have written. This descriptive tale, draws on my love of the countryside. I am fortunate enough to Live near Dartmoor, and its rugged beauty continues to inspire me.


  • Once Upon a Mind the 50/50 Collection


    Portraying an eclectic mixture of moods, emotions, thoughts and stories, this eclectic collection of work is inspired by the surreal and nature, and draws on the author's experience of spinal arthritis, anxiety and depression.

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