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Caroline Seignot

Caroline has grown up with animals in her life, working in all aspects of the equine industry, before training a team of animals to offer therapy visits to care centres and hospitals.

She has been blessed to have formed many beautiful friendships with her various animals. And now her children are following in her footsteps, sharing her love for animals, her passion for nature, and her enjoyment of exploring the countryside to marvel at the treasures of Mother Nature.

Verity was given Hugo when he was just a little lamb, and she was a toddler. Together they went exploring the countryside, learning about the changing leaves and the critters around them.

Their real life adventures can be found at #heyhugoletsgo


  • Hey, Hugo, Let's Go!


    Based on the real life adventures of a little girl and her pet sheep, exploring the countryside around them and sharing the delights of their discoveries, whilst forming the most beautiful friendship.

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