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Captain G

Captain Lance R Grindley was born in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, has been at Sea in one form or another since 1977. He enjoys all things rugby, animals, plants, and his grandchildren, they are his inspiration for drafting this short story. Lance lives in Weymouth, Dorset, with his long suffering wife Susan, mother of three great very grown up children. Lance is slowly falling apart as he gets nearer to 70 than 60, but still enjoys a swim and a beer. He has a Master's degree in Nautical Science, and works as a Marine Superintendent, for an Offshore shipping company, based in Aberdeen, in Scotland.
This is his first published story; however, "Ronnie and Ricky" have been having adventures for many years, especially with Lance`s youngest daughter Cassandra, who was heavily involved in the stories twenty years ago.


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