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C A MacRae

C.A. MacRae was born and raised in Manchester, England. From a young age she found a love for storytelling. A creative person by nature, she attended Art College to pursue her passion. In 2004 she met with Carolyn Reynolds, the Executive Producer of Coronation Street, over a script she wrote. Years later when life enabled her, inspired by Carolyn's words, she researched and wrote the Gemini Complex, The Cabal, the first book in the trilogy of the Gemini Complex. C.A. MacRae is very passionate about humanity, nature and the world we live in. Her passions are the key to the meaning behind her writing.


  • Gemini Complex The Cabal


    Six hundred and fifty years after the final demise of the Cathars and Knights Templar, a murder and a series of suspicious deaths of the clergy are linked to an innocent farm girl starting her first day as a maid in Chandringham, the stately home in England in 1918.

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