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Benjamin Price

Benjamin grew up in Inverleigh, Victoria, Australia,
enjoying the country lifestyle. Story writing and
storytelling has been his passion since childhood
days. Leaving Australia at the age of 21, Benjamin
traveled and worked around the globe. His irst
destination, China, where he drew much inspiration
for this story. However it was not until 20 years later
while working for an airline during the pandemic
with enforced lockdowns in hotel rooms around the
world, he had time to put pen to paper, writing this
story, he hoped his son would enjoy as he grew up.


  • Indiana Ant and the Quest for the Strawberry Fields


    An ant colony is in grave danger. The peaceful Valley ants are about to be attacked by a hoard of raider ants called the Vager. Young Indiana Ant has seen his father, Montana the famous scout, set off in search of the legendary Strawberry Fields, a place that could provide a lifeline for the colony.

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