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Ben Bridle

I obtained a law degree from King's College London which I promptly traded in for a twenty-five-year corporate career.
I resigned my post to start my own business in telecoms and ten years later was in the fortunate position of being able to retire. So, I did.
And retirement has allowed me the time to develop my writing ambitions, all culminating in Twisted Love, which is my first full novel.


  • Gaslight


    Sam Cove is a small time private investigator with nothing to investigate. He's a womaniser who can't find a good woman. And he's living a lifestyle he can barely afford.

  • Twisted Love


    Will appears to have it all: a successful company, money, three homes, a beautiful wife and two kids with another on the way. But his comfortable life comes crashing down around him as his marriage collapses under the emotional weight of a neonatal death.

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