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Bella Cohen

My name is Bella Cohen. I was born in Kishinev, Moldova in the former Soviet Union in 1957. My native tongue is Russian, and from a very early age I was influenced by amazing Russian poets, among them Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tzetaeva. I started writing poetry at twelve years old. When I turned sixteen years old, my family immigrated to Israel. There I majored in English Literature, and was introduced to many English and American poets, among them Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti. I have lived in the USA for the past forty years, teaching and writing. ‘Soulful' is my second book of poetry.


  • Soulful


    A woman inspired by life; Cohen's collection of verses are snapshots of experiences that resound with us all. From life transitions to loneliness, with love at the centre of it all, solace can always be found in the collective wisdom of the human experience put into words.

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