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A.T. (Mac) McTavish

This book has been written by a man from a woman's point of view. It was felt that this was the best perspective for the actual story.
'Mac' McTavish is an ex-college lecturer from near Bristol in England. He spent his early career in the transport industry and, following an injury to his back, he re-trained as a computer programmer and later a teacher. During this time, Mac discovered TOC for Education (based in Florida) and adopted their principles - these made his teaching experience far more rewarding.
He has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge and telling stories which has led him to produce several draft manuscripts on varying themes. Now retired and living in Spain, Mac is wading through his saved work with a view to publishing some of the better ones.


  • After the Storm Was Over


    Meet Josie, the narrator of this novel, who is thirty-nine years and fifteen months old! She, Sarah, Anne, Helen and Beth comprise the First Wives' Club. They are young single women with troubled personal histories now ready for a fresh start and adventure.

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