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Astra is a self taught artist based in Suffolk, England. She creates detailed pen drawings of wild animals with a small colourful twist. The Blue Tit Travels began as a series of drawings with a brave little bird as the main focus. This idea became a 7 book concept, one for each continent. The adventurous little Blue Tit will travel and meet endangered animals all around the world. On this journey of discovery he also learns that differences are to be celebrated and not feared.

Astra will be donating a percentage of this book's profits to Explorers Against Extinction, to help protect the beautiful animals she loves to draw.

Astra was a finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Award 2020.


  • The Blue Tit Travels - Africa


    In this funny and beautifully illustrated first book of the series, follow the brave little Blue Tit as he discovers some of Africa's many amazing animals to understand that different isn't scary...

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