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Ariel Marie

Ariel Marie is a diehard romantic with an addiction to specifically vanilla coffee and cats (of all kinds). Ariel is Birmingham-based with a Master's Degree in International Marketing and ten years of experience modelling for various clients across lingerie, commercial and editorial. She fell in love with writing when she was sixteen and is on a mission to write more mitten-wearing, coffee-drinking, meddling love stories. When she isn't writing, she is reading, swimming and being generally antisocial.


  • Now, Never, or at the very last second


    Avery and Ivy are two orphaned sisters. Avery, being the eldest, has given her life to supporting Ivy as best she can. But, with no job, that can be pretty hard to do. Ivy wants to repay Avery's love by setting her up on a secret dating profile but,

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