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Anthony Hobbs

Anthony Hobbs is a sixty-year-old father of three children and six grandchildren. Schooled in Plymouth, Devon. From a family of nine children. Left school and did numerous jobs, from driving blood banks from hospital to hospital to management in retail. With a love of writing for children, he was schooled at the IFW/ICL institutes. His first children's book, A Rough Ride, was published in September. But he has been working on his ‘debut' novel for two years. Letting him flick between adult and child entertainment.


  • A Robbing Hood


    Tony fantasizes about one day getting away from his family's poverty at the hands of his abusive father. Striving for a better life, Tony turns to crime for income. The steady growth of the business and Tony's power and charisma put him at the top of the city's underworld.

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