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Writing was once my favoured pastime. I remember when younger - aged eleven to fifteen - my stories took me beyond our world! After this period, education decreased my keenness. Work, and girls, occupied my mind increasingly more. Before I knew it, the pen was longer a friend!
Hit by a car in London when I was six, I spent a lot of time in hospital. When released, I had a wrist deformity, scars, and a speech impediment. But I was lucky, my attitude never defeatist.
The youngest of six children, my family were always there for me. This despite my father divorcing my mother at an early age. I have tried many jobs, ranging from office, to industrial. However, the grass has never been green for long. Work has been my friend though. I have always applied myself.
Now older, I find that writing is again a natural part of my essence. I write as ‘anon' because the poetry is your emotions as well as mine. I simply have put into words what so many would pen if they could.


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