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Anne Sherry

I have worked with young people for many years and my stories are inspired by them. Giving them something to dream about-adventure, enjoyment-not the violence of today's world, but a world full of possibilities.


  • Robin Ryder; Murder, Mystery and Mayhem


    A surprise holiday in a luxurious hotel in Portugal, all expenses paid - what could be better? Robin Ryder is invited by his best friend, Gerry Palmer, to keep him company in the Algarve where his partner, Jenny, must work. It makes a glorious change from Hartlepool.

  • The Golden Tree


    In the eighteenth century, Jack is forced to join the Royal Navy to fight in the war against France. A chain of unforeseen events lead, eventually, to the discovery of a magical tree. The Golden Tree transports the children to a time far away from their own, and the adventure begins.

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