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Anne Nelson

Anne Nelson grew up on a lake in Northern Idaho with aspirations of one day becoming an author. But alas, life tends to take its own direction which may deviate from many a childhood dream. However, with a natural gift for gab, she spent the better part of her adulthood in Alaska, working for several radio stations, in their marketing and sales departments. Copywriting afforded her the chance to show her creative side and open up her imagination, from time to time. Now semi-retired, she lives a quiet life in Nevada, trying her hand once again at writing, something longer than sixty-seconds.


  • All in a Daydream


    Becca Jackson was a woman of a certain age; a single widow with an unhappy marriage behind her. Her self-doubt and insecurities about herself, in part due to the cruelty inflicted on her by her previous husband, had left her seriously wondering if she would ever find love again.

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