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Anne Bolam

At her family's request, Anne Bolam (née Peterkin), wrote a synopsis of her time as a nurse.

Since writing the book Don't Drop it, Nurse, Anne suffered a second stroke, but was determined to finish book two, despite difficulty with her eyesight.

Anne continues to be as active as she can. She enjoys going to church, playing the piano, and spending time with family and friends. Anne also loves being in the company of dogs.

Anne's motto continues to be:
Do the things you are able to do, and forget what you were able to do in the past.


  • Don't Drop it Nurse! Book Two


    Anne Bolam continues her charming memoirs about her nursing career and life, with anecdotes from training in Edinburgh and her time in Aden with the Royal Airforce Nursing Service, along with tales of her childhood and life after nursing.

  • Don't Drop it Nurse!


    Anne Bolam takes us on a journey down memory lane recalling her life as a nurse in the 1960s. Initially training in Edinburgh, she was present at the first ever kidney transplant.

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