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Anna Kelly

Born in the village of Monkstown, Dublin, in a georgian apartment overlooking the sea. I was five
years old when my father transferred for work to Birmingham, England. Educated at a private convent
school and colleges. Now retired, i am still involved in projects. My career was always connected
with finance. Working for local government, central government, private companies/organizations.
And the banking industry and redundancy. Making the decision to start my own business as a career
coach, lead to being a feature writer for a local magazine. Engaged to a singer/songwriter has led me
into the music world.


  • Christmas Eve, A Story of Nostalgia and Dreams


    Nostalgia and Dreams, how we all grow up with those, moulding our lives in some form. As we go through our lives, we continue to have dreams and aspirations. Christmas time brings back memories, more special as we get older. Childhood Christmases are especially poignant, the company, the sights, the smells. We have our dreams for the future, placed in the forthcoming new year. Children caught up in the belief and delight of the happy and magical...

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