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Anna Hendry

Anna was born into a military family, in Wellington, New Zealand. Her childhood saw her traverse not only the length and breadth of New Zealand but also many other interesting parts of the world. A small Australian fishing village, exotic Singapore and Malaya and swinging London.
A love of language, reading, writing and acting, led Anna to a thirty-year career in radio as a creative writer and voice-over artist.
While taking a sabbatical from radio to pen her first novel, The Locket, Anna was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which saw her world turn upside down.
Now confined to a wheelchair, she believes this unwelcome experience, which has done much to expand her heart, soul, and mind, will stand her in good stead as she continues to create engaging tales of life and love.


  • The Locket


    Emma Thorpe was born in the Cotswolds and raised by her grandparents. She believed she was an orphan... but her mother's old locket, a faded memory, and a mysterious bank account lead Emma to the colourful, exotic world of Singapore in search of answers to her past.

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