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Angela Patchett

Angela has three children, two white cats called Hugs and Cuddles, and lives in a very pink cottage with fairies at the bottom of the garden.


  • Dragon Cottage


    Hello, I'm a tiny dragon but something went wrong somewhere. I should have been green, but just look at me. My skin is covered in a flowery pattern and I have a red heart on the end of my long tail. I hope someone will love me and I hope it will be you.

  • The Magic Dolls' House


    It was the best Christmas ever. My dream of having a dolls' house had at last come true. But this dolls' house was different. Two windows were missing, but that didn't matter because I loved it anyway.

  • Wishing


    When I saw Little Angel, her Dad and Jessica the cat arrive with the removal van to the empty house next door; I hoped I would have a new friend. Little did I know what fun we would have together, and that was before we found the fairies in her garden!

  • Misty Bear


    Hello, I was so happy when Valentine Pickle found my bag in his Charity Shop, because my most precious secret was hidden inside. Then he thought I was lonely, so he brought home more and more bears from the Shop. Now my friends and I are the most loved bears in town.

  • Angel


    Hello,When I found out Mum and Dad were going to work in California for six whole weeks and I had to stay with Nana in her cottage, I thought it would be boring.Boring with a capital B.But my Nana had lots and lots of surprises for me.

  • Angela Angel And The Magic Chair


    Hello, I have the most wonderful chair. My Nana brought it on a boat all the way from New Zealand, as a very special present.I soon found out that my chair is not like any other chair; it is magical and even shows some people who are not very nice how to behave.

  • Paws


    One minute I was a very tiny puppy in a high-rise flat in the city, the next I was living on a farm in the country with a lovely family. There were three children, three cats and I hardly dare mention it… a big black farm dog who was very jealous of me. He was horrible.

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