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Andrea Guasch

Andrea is from Barcelona, Spain. She is studying to be a film editor. Cinema is what truly makes her happy, so much so that she has an entire wall of her bedroom dedicated to her favourite movies. Andrea has played piano since she was five years old. She has always been creative. At fifteen, she was diagnosed with an eating disorder, depression and anxiety. Net recovery took several years, for which she'll always be grateful. Her eating disorder allowed her to build and find her true self. Andrea discovered who she truly was, thanks to that, and that's why she wants to help.


  • It’s okay to not be okay


    It's Okay to not be Okay is directed at everyone that suffers in silence and to those who are lost and can't put words to their feelings. It's not a self-help book; it's only an inspiring story to encourage others to ask for help. This book is a journey of how the author built and found her true

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