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Amir Vaziri

Born in Tehran in 1962, he was sent by his parents to Cologne, Germany, when he was thirteen. In 1990, he obtained a master's degree in political science in Marburg. After experiences as a volunteer for Deutsche Welle in Cologne, as a musician, an artist agent and project manager of the audio-visual department of the US State Department, he finally found his true calling as a show director. From 1993 until today, he has produced more than four hundred events and shows worldwide before he discovered his love and enthusiasm for storytelling and writing novels.


  • 24 Days of Wuhan


    Relocating to Wuhan, China, for his job as an architect, Daniel Verhagen and his family are sought by the Chinese police due to events they don't understand. Helped by new friends but unsure who to trust, they go from prison to the home of a refined Chinese official.

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