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Alison Pitt

Alison Pitt decided to become an artist at the age of four...and has not stopped since! For many years she made stories into sculptures... when they got too heavy she made stories on paper.

Alison lives and works in Chester with her funny family, cats and guinea pigs.
Cycling everywhere with a trailer full of paper and paint ,as a community artist, and as part of a small art company "Art in the Place" Alison works with many different groups of people creating pieces of art and props for theatre day is ever the same!


  • The Rich Man's Journey


    A tale of adventure and friendship....terrifying creatures, a brave goose and strange goings on....we follow Edward, from his lonely tall tower over land, sea and sky in his amazing flying boat, to far away places. From riches to rags ,will he find friends and happiness?

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