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Alexander Formos

Alexander was born in Ukraine and raised in a small town in Russian Siberia. Growing up between two countries, he absorbed both languages and cultures. In 2013, he was spiritually guided to relocate to Vancouver, Canada. He graduated with an MFA in film production and creative writing from the University of British Columbia. During his education, Alexander worked on self-financed art films he wrote and directed. A unique and profound connection with his new home grew day by day, and soon, he felt a sense of destiny and divine purpose in Vancouver. With the help of the Sechelt spirits, he continued studying shamanism and spiritual healing practices. Alexander practices communication with the souls, spirits, angels, and Heavens through drumming, meditations, and dreaming practices. In addition, through past-life explorations, he reclaimed his soul's purpose of an embodied spiritual guide. He works directly with souls, assisting them on their spiritual paths, resolving their past traumatizing deaths and rediscover their purpose in life.


  • Eurydice in Love


    A noble knight, Benjamin, moved to the kingdom of beautiful Columbia in search of his true fate. He was destined to meet Princess Holly, his soulmate of many lives.

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