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Alex Leombruni

A finance professional who has reached the corporate heights, Alexander's philosophy on life is simple, "navigate the negatives and celebrate the positives". "Writing gives me respite from the tribulations of life, using my imagination to travel to a better place". As this book explores, loneliness can create immense personal pain, so it's important to cherish family and friends, as it is these relationships that will stave off sadness. At a time when pandemics and world conflicts command the headlines, it's rewarding to find a quiet place to sit with your children to share a heart-warming story.


  • Knuckles: The Lively Little Jack Russell


    They say a dog is a man's best friend. This is a story of how a clumsy stray pup uses his naivety and charm to dissolve an old man's problems, by adding meaning to his lonely life. Before the little pup came into his life, the old man lived alone in the house he shared with his wife.

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