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Alan M. Keef

Alan M Keef has a business building small railways for the industrial and leisure markets that he describes as a hobby that got out of hand, but for all that, it has taken him to some of the less glamorous countries around the world.
Writing The Finding was actually started in the Mkonge Hotel, when he had a day to kill, and little else to do.
His having lived in the Cotswolds for nearly twenty years and, having spent a small part of his education and rather more of his business life, in and around Carlisle, provides a background to this story.
Having written a number of non-fiction books, this is his first full-length novel.
He is widowed, remarried and lives and works in Herefordshire.


  • Slave to Ariconium


    After being taken on an arduous journey from Rome, a young slave called Marcus finds himself in the furthest reaches of the Empire, Britannia.

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