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Alan Beale and Steven Wisken

I have been feeding a kingfisher, which I named "Sparky", from my balcony for the past ten years. He is an amazing, beautiful bird, so quick and graceful and a real character. Whilst many Rainbow Lorikeets, Magpies, Kookaburras, Wattle birds and of course, the dreaded Indian Myna birds come to feed at my balcony, there has only ever been one kingfisher; Sparky. Thus he is my inspiration for this and hopefully many more adventures. Combine this with the imagination and wonderful illustrations of Steve Wisken, and you have the Kingfisher's Banquet.


  • Kingfisher's Banquet


    In this delightful rhyming story, follow Sparky on a colourful adventure as he goes in search of the most delicious treats. Roasted witchetty grubs, fat juicy snails and even a huntsman spider are on the menu at this party!

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