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Agnieszka Burch

Agnieszka Burch, originally from Poland has for the last twenty
years been living in the United Kingdom. After spending over a
decade in the buzzing city of London, she now enjoys a quieter time
in Norfolk, with her husband Andrew and their furry friends - cat
Hercules and dog Georgina. Writing has always been her passion,
however this is the first time she has had the courage to send one of
her stories to a publisher. She believes in the power of imagination as
an extraordinary tool that allows humans to go beyond boundaries
of what is known, and to create places of peaceful coexistence.


  • The Non-Purple Elephant


    In the Purple World, where everything is purple, lives The Elephant who is grey. Everyone prefers to avoid him, and one day, being very sad he runs away to The Sighing Meadow.

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