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Adrienne Nash

Adrienne Nash lives in Norfolk. She was just 21 years old when she was sent to Sierra Leone where she was employed by a bank. For four years she was a bank manager, in the far-flung branches, saw illicit diamond mining and trading, dealt with rascally Lebanese traders and suffered diseases, dengue fever, septicaemia, snakes and rats. She returned to the UK and worked first for a multi-national food company, as a bar manager and lastly as a civil servant. She lives in North Norfolk with her cat Milly, She has given up paragliding, wind-surfing and skiing now she is over eighty, because as she says, she has lost her ‘bounce-ability'. Her one remaining sport is lawn bowls.


  • The Perfidy of Aunt Elvira


    Devastated by the death of his entire family in a house fire, nine-year-old Jamie, is sent to live with his aunt, Elvira, her partner, Samantha, and Jamie's two cousins, Caitlyn and Lili. Immersed in a rural, isolated, all-female world, Jamie begins to dress and ultimately, behave, like a girl.

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