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Adam Vincent

Adam Vincent is a stand-up comedian and writer. He has no other skills. There was a five-year patch where he became a nurse for the money, but getting into nursing for the money is akin to becoming an accountant for the vibe, that is, it's ridiculous. After realising the error of his ways, Adam made another questionable decision and moved his family from sunny Australia to Bedford, England. The move paid off as he went on to spend ten years as a core writer for Channel 4's satirical comedy show The Last Leg which has been nominated for both BAFTA and Rose d'Or awards. This is his first novel.

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  • How Not To Kill Yourself When Living In The Suburbs


    Nine years ago, Adam was kidnapped by love from the sunny shores of Melbourne, Australia and was taken to the sleepy English town of Bedford where he was ordered to live in a semi-detached house with a tiny garden surrounded by people who demand he be a father, a husband, and a provider.

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