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Adam McLachlan

I have loved to write rhymes ever since I can remember. It provides me with escapism and enables me to maintain my own psychological wellbeing. As a qualified teacher and father to Marley and Summer Rae, I wanted to create inspirational rhyming poetry to engage children in developing a ‘Champion's Mindset'. Having suffered with the loss of my father from cancer as a teenager, it has only been over recent years where I have had the confidence and desire to talk more about my feelings - thanks to my wife Talia. As such, I want to facilitate children's understanding of mental health; the importance of talking about how we feel with others; and developing the strength of character to overcome obstacles throughout our lives.



  • Freddie The Fighter


    A promising boxer - destined for the top - Freddie is a fantastic fighter. Equipped with all the skills required to succeed, Freddie starts working with a new coach to get him to the next level.

  • Marley the Mindset Champion


    Have you ever been so close to reaching your dream but you can feel it slowly slipping away from you?

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