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Aaron McPhail

Living in North Queensland, Australia, and growing up in the tropics has had a strong influence towards Aaron's love for all things. He's connected mostly to the ocean in his spare time, busy working in the mines and exploring the country other times, and a father to six wonderful children at the best of times, which is what Aaron treasures and connects with the most. All of which inspire his creativity to turn a love for adventure and narrative storytelling into writing.

"I want to share the connection that I have with my children from my storytelling... pass that connection on to others. It's such a special time and bond between a parent and their child."


  • Piponay Prawn and the Reef Orchestra


    Not far away from the coastal shores of Queensland Australia, beneath the clear blue sea lives a reef colony, caught unprepared by an impending visit from the Great Barrier Reef's ‘Grand Emperor'.

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