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A L Darbon

I never want to be old and sitting in an elderly care home in a horseshoe of chairs around the TV and look around thinking, "I regret that I never did that or tried that." I left school to become a PA and worked in the West End, was an audio typist for a private investigator, had two lovely children, retrained as a teaching assistant, went to auctions, decided to be a poultry farmer and a farmers' market manager. I later went on to run a small transport company. And then I decided, I'd like to drive an artic! Well, I failed my HGV Class One but I drive a twenty-six tonne truck as my day job and during my time off, I'm currently attempting to amuse an audience with The Adventures of Wilson and Eric. FART was released at the end of 2020 and is the first in a series to follow.

Life's for living!



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