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A. Barry

The author, A. Barry, lives in North Queensland, Australia.

The settings where these fictional actions take place are familiar to us, and have been regular places where my family have visited.

My children have grown up now, and have blessed us with three granddaughters and two grandsons.

Retirement suits us and we have been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world in the company of some wonderful friends and, like many other retirees, spending the kids' inheritance.


  • Daisy Hill


    After writing my first book, Dominant Female, I often thought of one character who seemed to have a separate story she wanted to tell. She was abandoned as a baby and grew up in an orphanage, but after some trouble she ran away.

  • The Dance Hall


    The beautiful old sandstone building which was originally built for a completely different reason, was later used as a very popular dance hall.

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